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Pray the POWER of God’s Word in your loved ones’ lives. You will have 100+ prayers derived directly from the scripture to pray specifically for an individual or group by name. BIBLE PRAYERS is beautifully designed for the Android based phone and tablet to assist you in praying God’s word over your loved ones. You will find prayers divided into topics such as Love, Salvation, Safety, Purpose and many other subjects.

How it works:
1) Customize with the prayer with specific names of your loved ones.
2) Adjust the way you address God.
3) Choose the topic you have a heart to pray for specifically.
4) The scriptural prayer is generated so that you can take the word of God praying.

There is a beautiful peace that touches your soul when you pray God’s word over your loved ones. It will touch your heart and bless their lives because God’s word shall not return void.

We hope this app will be a blessing to you and your loved one. We also hope you will it use it to also pray for us and the ministry of the Good News Community Church.

Grace & Peace to you for Jesus!

Bible Prayers by MMOJ is available from iTunes.

Bible Prayers by MMOJ is available from Android Market.

Bible Prayers by MMOJ is available for the Kindle Fire.

Return to the Web Demo of the MOVE HEAVEN PRAYER APP

5 Responses

  1. Eugene Davis

    Love the app. I have never been one that likes prepared prayers but this is some that I find helpful.
    Our church seems to get a lot of prayer request’s for healing. Would love a topic for healing in the topic area.
    Thanks again for the app.

    • jimboyte

      Thank you for your kind words and the conformation that comes from your suggestion. I am working on an update for prayers for healing. Hopefully it will be release by early fall.
      Grace & Peace to you from Jesus!

  2. Linda Silver

    I generally like the app, but I wish the prayers were meatier. It’s like a snippet to whet the appetite. Also, I would feel better when I refer to Jehovah God/Yahweh in capital letters; i.e., God, Savior, etc. Let’s leave the “little” g-gods to pagan idols. Please accept my comments in love as it is in love that I voice them.
    Thank you!

    • jimboyte

      Ms. Linda,
      I do appreciate your comments. I would never intentionally address the living God with a “lower-case g”. Can you please help me identify where this happened so I can get it corrected.

      Grace & Peace to you from Jesus!

  3. Linda Durante

    I really love the app. It would really help if I could read the Scriptural references right after I read the prayer. I also agree
    about the prayers for healing. God bless you. Linda

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